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12 Years in the beauty industry. After High School I started out as a Beauty Advisor and worked hard on the sales floor and succeed to become top sales associate for 2 years.  After a great two years I decided I wanted more, truth was I hated sales, but I loved teaching people about skincare, I loved the joy I saw in peoples eyes when they felt like they received a solution and not just a sale. I decided to take it to the next level and  attended school for Esthetics. I embraced every possibility, becoming a certified Acne Specialist, Wax Specialist and Lash Artist and Tanning Tech. My passion for this industry goes beyond the treatment room. My love for making people smile and have confidence is the reason why I keep pushing in this industry.I  Welcome you to your full beauty experience.

I always wanted to create a place for women to be thereselves, free, safe a judgement free zone, where you don't have to feel guilty for doing something for yourselves. Juggling everyday life as we continually put ourselves on the back burner to take on the world like the super heros we are.  I offer you relaxation in a world of your own. Peace of mind even if its just for 1 hr.

As the world and trends change I try to stay educated on the latest trends and skincare routines I offer a variety of different skincare services, lash services,brow services and so much more come check it out


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