Healthy Skin At Home!

Updated: May 18

There are so many things you can do at home, to keep your skin healthy. Let's start with the basics?

Why A Basic Skincare Routine?

By starting a daily skincare routine, you’re refueling your skin every day, boosting its self-healing properties. Self healing properties start when you fluff (exfoliate) off dead skin cells, this gives the skin access to start cell renewal and turn over. With this aging of the skin slows down, Skin tone will be brighter and more even. Like anything we do everything is a process. You have to think of your skin as a workout routine. In order to see results you are going to have to be consistent and maybe even have to make some lifestyle changes. Great skin starts from the inside.

Your Customized Routine

Starting off with a simple routine is the key. That way you don't feel over whelmed.

Step 1

Remove makeup. (I like to use an oil based remover it can be something natural like avacodo oil, coconut oil)

Step 2

Cleanse Skin ( I like to cleanse two times)

Step 3

Tone (Witch Hazel is a great natural toner)

Step 4

Exfoliate (Use something gentle, if your exfoliant can tear paper it's way to harsh)

Step 5

Pat dry,Tone and add Serum or Moisturizer (Don't forget your Spf)

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