A survival kit for your worst ingrowns and irritations. Ingrown Concentrate, our spot treatment serum, and Ingrown Eliminator, our single use on-the-go wipe, work in tandem to fight your stubbornest ingrowns and bumps. Powerfully fast-acting and soothing, these products are your SOS solution whenever a skin disaster strikes.

Brazilian Bundle~After Care

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  • Ingrowns have met their match.


    What: Ingrown Concentrate is an acid-free serum spot treatment that is gentle enough to use everyday (even directly after waxing or lasering), but effective enough to prevent and treat ingrowns, and Ingrown Eliminator is a powerful single use mitt with a more potent formula that is meant to be applied to the truly hard to get rid of ingrowns, and is great for on the go use. The Eliminator is more potent than the Concentrate, and should thus not be used immediately following hair removal. For really stubborn ingrowns, you should layer them!

    Where: In the shower, use the finger mitt that comes housed in the Ingrown Concentrate box to exfoliate any dead skin that’s clogging your pores. On dry skin, apply Ingrown Concentrate to areas you are especially prone to ingrowns, or on bumps and irritation that’s already flared up. Then, swipe Ingrown Eliminator on the most severe ingrowns.

    When: We recommend using the finger mitt to exfoliate around 3-5 times a week, and using Ingrown Concentrate as many times as needed—you can either use it to treat spots that have already cropped up, or if you’re a super sensitive skin type and prone to bumps, daily use may be best as a preventative measure. We recommend using Ingrown Eliminator whenever your skin feels irritated, or whenever ingrowns appear, as often as necessary until they’ve disappeared.

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